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DBI-SALA Harnesses


DBI-SALA Harnesses provide a high safety factor as well as comfort and freedom of movement during operation. Innovative, reliable equipment and groundbreaking designs enable employees to work quickly, safely and efficiently.

Soft and extremely long-lasting, water-repellent, wear-resistant and strong weaving materials are designed for use in the most demanding conditions.

  • Dorsal Attachment
    One of the main fall arrest attachment points located between your shoulder blades

  • Straps
    Resistant to tear and use in harsh and chemical conditions

  • Adjustable Buckles
    Ideal to  fit your size

  • Stitches
    High quality, high strength and specially designed stitches ensure maximum strength and durability

  • Support Pads
    Supported Leg, shoulder and waist pads provide comfort in long-term use and help to keep good blood circulation

  • Fall Indicator
    This feature improves reliability and suitability during inspections

  • Breathable Fabrics
    Non-perspiring and breathable fabrics increase your comfort

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