INNOTECH AIO Horizontal Lifelines

Horizontal Lifeline Systems

The INNOTECH AIO (All in One) lifelines ensures the safety of the personnel working at height. Tests have been carried out according to EN795-2012 standards and have 10 years manufacturer's warranty.
Provides the ability to walk on both sides of the line without disconnecting from the lifeline

Panel Roof Applications

Concrete Surface Applications

Wooden Surface Applications

TAURUS Rail Type Lifeline Systems

INNOTECH AIO Lifeline Systems

  • Available anhorages for various surface types

  • Easy to inspect system structure

  • Due to preliminary tensioner, cable is not affected by temperature alteration

  • Installation does not require special tools. Easy and practical.

  • Tested according to EN 62305 (Class 1-4). Lightning protection standard.

  • Tested according to EN795:2012 Type C - CEN TS 16415:2013

Product Documents

Innotech AIO Catalogue

EN795 Certificate