IRATA Training Application Form

Preliminary applications will be considered as final registration after registration fee is paid.

Terms and conditions:

  • Being at least 18 years old.

  • At least 4 days attendance is compulsory.

  • No prior experience is required for Level 1. However, the training given is practical and the height / weight ratio and physical condition of the participants are expected to be suitable for training.

  • General medical check before the training is strongly recommended to prevent injury that may occur during the training and to take the necessary precautions.

  • Participants are required to sign the IRATA declaration form prior to training. *

  • In the event of failure to implement the safety approach, physical condition and technical skills, and if you give up the training, the tuition fee will not be refunded.

  • IRATA declaration form is available here. Do not forget to bring the IRATA declaration form completed and signed.

  • Anyone submitting this form agrees to the above terms and conditions.