Machine Safety Training

Machine Safety Training

20 Trainees / 1 Trainer

1 Day (8 Hours)


Training program aims to have participants evaluate the risks on machines that are used in the workplace, take security precautions and get information about occupational health and safety practices.


No prerequisites


Employees actively working with machines, employees purchasing machinery and machinery manufacturers.


  • Machine-generated hazards, critical warning and warning signs

  • Needs and priorities for assessing risk in accordance with the relevant requirements and requirements of the Machinery Safety Regulation, Health and Safety Regulation for Work Equipment and increasing the level of safety on the basis of machinery

  • Risky behaviors that facilitate the emergence of machine hazards, root causes and actions that trigger those behaviors

  • Workshop


  • Participants who have successfully completed the measurement and evaluation studies in the trainings are entitled to receive a “Certificate of Achievement” according to the legislation. “Participation Certificate” is organized for the participants who cannot achieve the targeted success in the training programs.

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