Rope Access References

Rope Access Operations by Yükske İşler

Rope Access Operations References

Some of our rope access operations

Polisan Fire Systems Maintenance

Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge Rope Access Services

GAMA CCPP Paint Applications

Soma Kolin Thermal Plant Facade Panel Installation

Various NDT Services

GSP Fortuna Derrick Platform Installation

Tüpraş Sphere Tank NDT Services

Aksa Acrylic Plant Bunker Ladder Disassembly

TRAÇİM Trace Cement Torque Services

Bosphorus Bridge Lighting Installation

Türk Telekom Arena Radiant Maintenance

Ülker Arena Acoustic Panel Installation

Some of our other references ...

  • Gama Kırıkkale Power Plant Interior and Exterior Maintenance, Cleaning and Painting Services

  • Gama Hamitabat Power Plant Exterior Paint Services

  • Petrol Ofisi Tank Fire Systems Maintenance and Repair

  • Polisan Tank Fire Systems Maintenance and Repair

  • Soma Kolin Thermal Power Plant Exterior Panel Installation Services

  • Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge Pylon Maintenance and Painting Services

  • Sea Pearl Led Installation Services

  • Hilton Maslak Led Installation Services

  • Shell Tank Fire Pipes Fitting and Disassembly Services

  • Petrol Ofisi Tank Maintenance Services

  • Hürrem Sultan Bath Interior Cleaning Services

  • Maslak 42 Composite Reinforcement Services

  • Garanti Pendik Building Led Installation Services

  • LCW Waikiki Administration Building Silicone, Repair and Paint

  • İpragaz Sphere Tank Nondestructive Testing Services

  • Capitol Shopping Center

  • Doğa Power Plant Nondestructive Testing Services

  • Aksa Acrylic Bunker Ladder Demolition Service

  • TRAÇİM Homogeneous Tower Cable Replacement

  • TOFAŞ General Directorate Exterior Cleaning and Paint Application

  • Turkcell External Antenna Removal

  • Abdi İpekçi Led Installation

  • Şükrü Saraçoğlu Stadium Desibel Gauge Installation

  • TAT Towers Glass Window Disassembly

  • Abdi Ipekci Arena Led Installaiton

  • Capitol AVM Faucet Removal

  • Türk Telekom Arena Radiant Systems Maintenance

  • AKSA Non-Destructive Testing Services NDT

  • Ritz Carlton Logo Lighting Replacement

  • Izmit TÜPRAŞ NDT

  • Yapı Kredi Bank Led Installation

  • LED Installation of Garanti Bank Headquarters Building

  • Yapı Kredi Bank Headquarters LED Installation

  • Izmit Tupras Refinery Ndt Sphere Tank NDT (TOFD)

  • Yapı Kredi Banking Base LED Disassembly

  • Kırıkkale Aygaz Facilities NDT (TOFD) on sphere tanks

  • Aliaga Aygaz Facilities NDT (TOFD) on sphere tanks

  • Akbank Head Office LED change

  • Galata Bridge Hydraulic Pipe Replacement

  • Hatay Aygaz Facilities NDT (Acoustic emission) on sphere tanks

  • Kırıkkale TÜPRAŞ NDT on sphere tanks (TOFD)

  • Izmit TUPRAS NDT (Acoustic emission) on sphere tanks

  • Ülker Arena Antenna Installation, Disassembly

  • Istanbul Christo Colon Ship Thickness Measurement Service

  • Four Seasons Sultanahmet Hotel Led Installation

  • Autoshow 2012 Tüyap Lighting Systems

  • GSP Fortuna Derrick Platform Assembly

  • Baku Stadium GSM Antenna Installation

  • Levent Valley Lighting Project

  • Abdi İpekçi Arena LED Installation

  • Ankara Shopping Fest Flag Installation

  • Exterior Cleaning of Four Seasons Hotel

  • Abdi İpekçi Sports Hall LED installation

  • Galatasaray Championship Celebrations TT Arena Stadium Giant Jersey Installation

  • Kanyon AVM Mars Cinemas Lighting Fixtures Installation

  • Metrocity Shopping Mall Chandelier Maintenance Works

  • Marmara AVM Construction Insulation Panels Coating

  • TÜPRAŞ Chimney Measurement

  • Yapı Kredi Bank Izmit Headquarters Led Lighting System Maintenance

  • Sinan Erdem Athletic Hall Glass Foil Coating

  • NDT Study on LPG Globe Tanks (In cooperation with Integrity NDT)

  • Cevahir Mall Lifeline Installation and Staff Training

  • Fenerbahce Ulker Arena Acoustic Panels Installation

  • Double Tree by Hilton - LED Module Assembly

  • Trakya Cement - TRAÇİM Steel Construction Torque Service

  • ORA Arena Exterior LED Module Mounting and Anchor Works

  • Garanti Bank Peak Lighting Fixture Change

  • ORA Istanbul Exterior LED Installation Service

  • Abdi İbrahim Building LED Maintenance Service

  • FSM Bridge LED Lighting Systems Maintenance and Repair Works

  • Galatasaray Jersey Launch - Istanbul 2011 TT Arena Stadium

  • Trabzonspor Jersey Launch - Trabzon 2011

  • Four Seasons Hotel - Istanbul 2011 Exterior Glass Cleaning Work

  • Solar Beach Flying Fox System Consultancy and Installation - İstanbul 2011

  • Limak Construction - Limak Kavacık Hotel - İstanbul 2011 Cleaning of glass and construction

  • Siirt Pervari Botan Stream Seismology Study - Siirt 2011

  • Alain Robert "Spiderman" - Sapphire Building Climbing - Istanbul 2011 Safety system installation for the climb, and the rescue team

  • Türk Telekom Arena Opening Ceremonies - İstanbul 2011

  • Four Seasons Hotel - Istanbul 2010 Glass Cleaning Work

  • Sheraton Hotel Antalya - Antalya 2009 Interior and Exterior Painting Work

  • Bosphorus Bridge - Istanbul 2007 Decorative Lighting

  • The Genius of Leonardo - Istanbul

  • Decoration Application (Carousel Shopping Center)

  • Garanti Bank Head Office Decorative Lighting

  • RadissonSAS Oteli (Ortakoy) Glass Cleaning

  • Garanti Bank Headquarters Lightning Rod Assembly

  • Mim Plaza (Nişantaşı) Glass cleaning

  • My Showland (Yeşilköy) Flag Assembly

  • Glass Pyramid (Antalya) Decoration Application

  • Lara Beach Hotel (Antalya) Glass Cleaning and Decoration

  • Beck's Dome - Parkorman Decoration Application

  • Mustafa Kemal Cultural Center (Akatlar) Decoration Application

  • New Melek Show Center (Taksim) Decoration Application

  • Hedgehog Dome (Parkorman) Acoustic Curtain Installation