Safe Working Using Lifelines

Safe Working Using Lifelines


12 Trainees / 1 Trainer

1 Day (8 Hours)


The aim of this course is to show experienced personnel how use the lifelines safely. Personnel participating in the training will acquire basic information such as the risks of working at height, legal regulations, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) use / inspection / maintenance, risk analysis.

Upon successful completion of the training, participants gain both theoretical and practical skills to work safely using temporary and fixed life lines by using fall arrest, positioning and fall prevention methods and at the same time practice how to set up and use temporary horizontal and vertical lifelines.


Medical report for working in heavy and dangerous conditions, to be able to work at heights.

Who can attend:

  • Personnel doing easy to access work.

  • Personnel doing roof installation, cleaning, etc.

  • Personnel doing loading, maintenance and installation on production lines.

  • Personnel working on access vehicles such as moving platforms, scaffolding, cranes, carts

Course Objectives & Content:

  • Principles of working at height (fall arrest, work restraint / leash, work positioning)

  • Basic legislation

  • Risk assessment

  • PPE control

  • Using Lanyard

  • Anchor point selection

  • Using fixed life lines

  • Setting up and using a temporary horizontal and vertical life line

  • Emergency planning

  • Rescue of casualty accessible by using simple equipment

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