Work At Height Rescue Training

Work At Height Rescue Training

12 Trainees / 2 Trainers

2 Days (16 Hours)


This training focuses on the rescue of personnel working at height and at accessible points using different scenarios and evacuation procedures in emergency situations. Participants should be trained in accessing the accident site and be able to assess all possibilities before they start to rescue.

This training is done using simple, user-friendly tools and catchy methods without risking the rescuer. It focuses on the casualties rescue and suspension . This training does not include any rope access methods. The skills required to evacuate from the tower, vehicle or platform that is being worked on in emergency situations are also part of this training.


To be able to work in heavy and dangerous environment, to be able to work at heights and to have Work At Height Level 2 training.

Who Should Attend:

  • Personnel working in heavy and dangerous environment

  • Access vehicles such as moving platforms, scaffolding, cranes, carts

  • Personnel working connected to fixed points such as anchors

  • Personnel working connected to horizontal or vertical lines of life

Course Objectives & Content:

  • General rescue principles

  • Rescue planning and risk assessment

  • Emergency procedures

  • Emergency first respond

  • Rescue equipment and usage limitations

  • Inspection and maintenance of rescue equipment

  • Rescue of unconscious casualty

  • Emergency evacuation from height

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