Rope Access Services

Industrial Climbing

Rope Access Services

Industrial Climbing


Rope Access Services
Industrial Climbing

High Works is one of Turkey’s most experienced companies in rope access services. The employees of our company have years of experience.

Contractor for major projects around the world and in Turkey, High Works offers safe access, fast and high quality solutions.

In 2011, High Works became a member of IRATA International (Industrial Rope Access Trade Association). Our company is the first IRATA member company in Turkey, both operational and training.

In some difficult to access or high areas, traditional access methods such as scaffolding, platforms and cranes remain inadequate or inefficient. In such cases, rope access and fall arrest techniques are put in use; which offer more effective and fast solutions.

Rope access is also known as “industrial mountaineering in our country. However, due to its risks, it requires completely different equipment, techniques and expertise from mountaineering. Rope access, using more specialized and purposeful technical equipment, is a world-recognized profession. Working with teams that have the necessary training, adequate infrastructure and experience, eliminates losses and accidents. High Works offers a safe working environment by minimizing or completely eliminating risks
High Works carries out all rope access operations by complying to IRATA (Industrial Rope Access Trade Association), BS (British Standards), EN (European Norms) and related Turkish standards and regulations.
In High Works, there are Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3 IRATA certified technicians, supervisors, HSE personnel and engineers. Prior each project, our company conducts detailed preliminary work, risk analyzes and performance forecasts with IRATA Level 3 supervisors and designers. As a result of careful work, our company offers the safest and most efficient solutions.
High Works has the competence and experience in following subjects:
  1. Advanced Rope Techniques
  2. Inspection of personal protective equipment
  3. Rope Access and Work At Height Trainings
  4. Technical and complex rescue solutions
  5. Safety systems design
High Works is aware of its leading position. Being an example for new companies planning to enter the business, our company aims to raise the bar in the rope access sector by:
  • Providing safe and high quality rope access operations
  • Providing high quality rope access and work at height trainings
  • Increasing the standards of both employees and employers with the technical articles and translations.

Advantages of Rope Access

Why Rope Access?

  • Access areas which look impossible to access
  • Quick installation and removal of safe systems
  • Implementation of projects independent of external factors (traffic, roads, etc.)
  • Completely safe thanks to qualified personnel and certified equipment
  • Do not interfere with the work of other parties
  • No need for third parties which will increase cost of the project (scaffolding, cranes, etc.)
  • Environment is not uncomfortable with visual or noise pollution
  • No difficulties regarding renovation, maintenance and service after the project is completed.


IRATA Member Certificate

ISO 9001

OHSAS 18001