Work At Height Trainings

Work At Height Trainings

Work at Height and Confined Space Trainings

Our trainings aim to ensure the healthy and safe working of the employees in the works carried out at high altitudes and confined spaces. Training programs are planned according to the companies' demands.

According with the type of work to be performed at height we provide WAH trainings in our training center or at your facility. Our WAH trainings include at least:

  • OHS Law No. 6331,

  • Understanding and using Personal Protective Equipment (PPE),

  • Ability to perform simple PPE checks,

  • Safe working methods,

  • Emergency evacuation and rescue plans and skills,

and other topics which are required by the sector.

Being an IRATA full member (Training & Operation) company since 2011, we aim to raise awareness for personnel working at height and confined spaces.

Our trainings are provided by our IRATA Level 3 certified Occupational Safety Specialists.

Our Work At Height Training Modules