Entertainment Rigging Services

Entertainment Rigging Services

In the early 1970s, especially with the growth of the entertainment industry in the United States, the stages used in concerts and shows began to grow and the loads hanging on the stage began to increase considerably.

All of these developments led to the need for specialized people to install giant stages, to rig and de-rig heavy technical equipment. By the end of the 1970s, when the concerts and the performances were to go on tour, this need was further increased and a new line of business was developed; Entertainment Rigging ...

Rigging is used to literally lift and hang heavy objects in accordance with standards using various specialized equipment. Rigger is the name given to the person who does this work. Since this specialized work does not have a Turkish term, the words rigging and rigger are used as they are. Entertainment venues are rapidly increasing in our country, shows are getting bigger, the weights of sound and light systems increase in Turkey. These led to the need of riggers in our country.

Rigging operations include design, engineering, load lifting techniques, stage information and fall arrest systems. The nature of the job is awareness of responsibility, standards, technical knowledge, speed and safety. Tons of valuable equipment, world-class performers who perform under this equipment and and the safety of the very valuable audience who come to watch these shows are the responsibility of the rigger who builds the stage and puts all these loads on the stage. Due to this great responsibility, rigging is the work of riggers who have received the necessary training, have the necessary consciousness and experience and are aware of the standards

High Works started to provide rigging services in 2004 with Rock n Coke Festival and since we have been involved in hanging sound, lighting, video and decor systems in more than 300 national and international concerts and shows. Our company had the opportunity to work with all the teams coming from abroad. Thanks to the knowledge gained in a short time we began to serve with international standards.

In 2011 head rigger of our company received the PLASA NRC (National Rigging Certificate) certificate, which is the only certification system for the stage and show business. All stage and show operations are carried out in accordance with PLASA standards.

Rigging services for the majority of the events taking places at such main venues as Zorlu Performing Arts Center, Volkswagen Arena, Fenerbahçe Ülker Arena, Abdi İpekçi Arena, Türk Telekom Arena, Santral İstanbul, Haliç Congress Center, Lütfi Kırdar, Park Orman, Rock'n Coke Stage, Sonisphere Stage are provided by High Works.


Apart from the needs of stage and show business, our company provides services for changing and replacing heavy objects with powered lifting equipment.

Examples of this services include the transportation of scoreboards in venues, the lifting of objects that do not fit in the elevator and the lifting and installation of the display systems on the facades of the building.

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